Pitchfork features Joe Lambert in “The Dark Art of Mastering”

News | Posted On: 05.20.16

Pitchfork contributor, Jordan Kisner, contacted us to be involved in a feature that aimed to expose the mysterious practice of audio mastering.  The image used for the article is a mystical, hooded character and accurately describes how many people feel about the topic.

Joe Lambert is a large part of the article and the reader gets a glimpse into what an attended session is like with him:

“The engineer bounced around the room amiably, offering a tour of his gear and playing bits and pieces from the morning’s work.”

“Usually, the quieter the musician, the louder the record,” he said. Drummey ducked his head.

The truth is, mastering doesn’t have to be intimidating, but it is an important step and should be left to experienced professionals.  Give us a call today at 201-332-7000 or email dianazinni[at]JLMsound.com to get more information or to book a session.

You can read the entire Pitchfork article here.

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