Dan Walker

Email: danwalker [at] jlmsound [dot] com

Dan Walker is an audio engineer and musician from Australia, settling here in New York since 2010 after many years spent on the road writing, producing, and touring extensively with art rock punk band The Death Set.

His beginnings were born out of a love of alt punk/rock and electronica where he would frequent both scenes out of a genuine connection to the energy these two worlds had to offer. Over the course of time and taking this inspiration further after years of playing in live bands and DJing throughout Australia, a natural desire to explore the art of audio engineering arose.

An SAE alumni, Dan quickly acquired proficient engineering skills after being selected for an intern position at Sydney’s renowned Studio 301, which then later developed into full time work as a studio assistant. Taking this knowledge, Dan later moved to London as a DJ where he continued to cut his teeth producing, engineering, remixing and releasing his own and others work on various underground dance music labels. After time spent navigating the European and British club scene, a move to the States proceeded on joining The Death Set, which saw many years on the road balancing a touring life style while continuing to record and produce other musicians. Throughout this time Dan had the opportunity to work with a vast array of artists in varying capacities including Drop The Lime, Diplo, Spankrock, XXXChange, Robots In Disguise, Little Boots, Guerilla Toss, Total Warr, DZ Deathrays, Mattie Safer (The Rapture) and Princess Superstar, and with work popping up on labels such as Dim Mak, Ultra Records, Ninja Tune, President Records, Atlantic and DFA among others.

As a result of full time international touring and networking, Dan set up The Submarine Studio in Brooklyn NY where he still continues to record, produce and mix artists from all over the world and where his true passion for mastering records began to emerge.

As a mastering engineer, Dan came up self taught from 2010, meticulously studying the subtle art of finalizing records. Understanding completely the correct use of mastering gear and the exact action required from song to song and project to project in order to get the most out of the music and have it translate effectively as possible. Mastering many of the projects that would pass through The Submarine over the years saw his skills in the field take a strong foot hold, and now with past work on Inertia, Burger Records, Rough Trade/XL, Don’t Funk With Me (Captured Tracks), Magnolia Films, Dine Alone Records and having mastered artists such as Boulevards, Bleeding Knees Club, Curses, Wax Witches, Tone Of Arc and The Prettiots, the move to JLM has been the perfect natural progression in allowing Dan to take full advantage of this streamlined facility and continue perfecting the art of mastering audio.

Dan says,

“An artist’s music is quite literally like a child that they have conceived of and then brought into the world with all the necessary care and pains. So as a mastering engineer, I feel it’s imperative to handle that final step in the process delicately, with complete attention to detail and a true understanding of exactly what needs to happen to make a great record sound amazing!”