Jon Hildenstein

Email: jonhildenstein [at] gmail [dot] com

Jon started with music early in his life, teaching himself to read music on his grandma’s Wurlitzer, and later learning the dark arts of rock and roll by cranking his older brother’s Gibson through a nasty Gorilla amp. Recording was always a fervent obsession all the way through, with Jon’s first recording rig being a karaoke machine with two inputs, no metering, and a wonky echo circuit. Alongside the noise making, there was always a soldering iron burning, still hot from the latest experimental fuzz pedal or five-channel mono mixer. (Six faders would have been too expensive.) Music and technology, for Jon, was and is a hand-in-hand affair.

After graduating with a music degree in jazz guitar from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Jon headed for the trenches of the working musician in St. Louis, playing every top 40 pop hit and jazz standard at any venue that would open its doors. This led to songwriting and recording, instilling in Jon a passion for great songs and a love of heartfelt and impactful records.

After moving to New York in 2004, Jon built and worked at The Creamery Studio in Greenpoint, a DIY production facility where he mixed and produced music for Russell Simmons, BMW motorcycles, countless independent films and adverts, and young indie artists in the local Brooklyn scene. Having the best possible sound was of utmost importance, and after years of hard work recording, mixing, and building recording equipment, ultimately Jon has directed his skill set on mastering.

A musical lover of many genres, Jon has worked with hip-hop, jazz, rock, latin, and experimental groups at each stage of the recording process. Jon Hildenstein has come into the fold bringing his own blend of bands, songwriters, and engineers who need the solid tools and sound of JLM.