Joe Lambert Selected Discography

RainbowLive in Germany '761994
Black Velvet FlagCome Recline...with Black Velvet Flag1995
Andrea ParkinsCast Iron Fact1995
VarnalineMan of Sin1996
ShallowCD Laser Lens Cleaner EP1996
Multiple CatTerritory Shall Mean the Universe1996
KittywinderLivres des Monstres1996
GroverMy Wild Life1996
Don ByronNo-Vibe Zone: Live at Knitting Factory1996
Deep PurpleMk III: The Final Concerts1996
BoyracerIn Full Color1996
VarnalineA Shot and a Beer (EP)1997
Sugar PlantAfter After Hour1997
Steve WynnSweetness & Light1997
Space NeedleThe Moray Eels Eat the Space Needle1997
ShallowHigh Flyin' Kid Stuff1997
ReservoirPink Machine1997
Multiple CatMulti-Kat Mixy-Mix1997
MephiskaphelesMaximum Perversion1997
D-ShotSix Figure1997
Brian AlesCreature of Habit1997
VarnalineSweet Life1998
Various ArtistsSounds of the Revolution1998
Various ArtistsRed Hot + Rhapsody: The Gershwin Groove (Bonus Track)1998
Various ArtistsRed Hot + Rhapsody: The Gershwin Groove1998
Various ArtistsJames Brown Super Bad @ 65: A James Brown Tribute1998
Various ArtistsConnected (321)1998
The CreationComplete Collection, Vol. 2: Biff Bang Pow1998
The CreationComplete Collection, Vol. 1: Making Time1998
Steve RossiterInner Booty1998
Spirit LevelOf Earth & Sky1998
Purple Ivy ShadowsUnder & OK (EP)1998
King MissileFailure1998
John Wesley HardingAwake1998
Indica ProjectHorn Ok Please1998
Gypsy SoulSacred1998
Eden WhiteThis Is The Way1998
Ebeling HughesTransfigured Night1998
Cypher 7Nothing Lasts1998
22 BridesDemolition Day1998
The EasybeatsGonna Have a Good Time1999
The CucumbersTotal Vegetility1999
SoundtrackNunsense, Vol. 3: The Jamboree1999
Lauren HoffmanA Harmless Little Kiss EP1999
SoundtrackJoe Gould's Secret2000
MoheadRural Electric2000
Evelyn ForeverNightclub Jitters2000
Evelyn ForeverLost in the Supermarket2000
Various ArtistsMetal Maniacs Presents...Deranged2001
The Bottle RocketsSongs of Sahm2001
The Big CollapseThe Big Collapse2001
Ted NugentFull Bluntal Nugity2001
Screwtape’s RoastCurses And Blessings2001
John Wesley HardingAwake: The New Edition2001
Deep PurpleIn Concert (Spitfire)2001
Blood Has Been ShedNovella Of Uriel2001
Various ArtistsProgressive Metal: The Metal Years2002
Various ArtistsPower Metal: The Metal Years2002
Various ArtistsGothic Doom: The Metal Years Volumes2002
Ted NugentCraveman2002
Richard X. HeymanBasic Glee2002
Paul SchneiderEscape Velocity2002
North Sea StoryRebuilding Season2002
Mandy PatinkinMandy Patinkin Sings Sondheim2002
Eight Days GoneIn the Absence of Subtlety2002
DormanWhen I Come to You2002
CorndaddyBetter Days2002
Carlos PlaceresA los Ancestros2002
Athletic Mic LeagueSweats & Kicks2002
Young People Chorus of NTransient Glory2003
Ward WhiteLovely Invalids2003
Various ArtistsNew York City Rock N Roll2003
Various ArtistsGot Blues!2003
Universal HoneyCan't Stop Thinking About Christmas2003
The DentFarewell2003
The ContesBleed Together2003
Stephen LynchSuperhero2003
SoundtrackZanna, Don't: A Musical Fairytale2003
SoundtrackNine (2003 Original Broadway Cast)2003
Sargento TomateGrammy Pa' Mami2003
Rhonda StisiDifferent Road2003
Oh My GodOh My God2003
Mike KaplanHow's That?2003
Lou HarrisonSerenado2003
Lou HarrisonDrums Along The Pacific2003
Lil’ RowdyMy World2003
LeisureworldDouble Wide Double High2003
KrakatoaWe Are The Rowboats2003
Joanie LeedsSoul from my Footsteps2003
Jessica DelvecchioTrue Stories From Sand City2003
Jenn Vix32003
Jayne CortezBorders of Disorderly Time2003
Jason BrodyTo the Quick2003
Greta GertlerThe Baby that Brought Bad Weather2003
FrankLife By The Hour2003
Evil JakeBe My Ex-Girlfriend2003
Eamonn VittDeserted Music2003
Dog Fashion DiscoCommitted to a Bright Future2003
AutographThat's the Stuff2003
Vitamin FAtone2004
Various ArtistsFine and Dandy2004
Universal HoneyVicious Circles2004
Twisted SisterStill Hungry2004
The CapsulesSomeone for Everyone2004
Stephen SondheimBounce (Original Cast)2004
SoundtrackFiddler on the Roof (2004 Broadway Revival Cast)2004
SoundtrackAssassins (Original Broadway Cast)2004
Samara LubelskiThe Fleeting Skies2004
Rebecca LukerLeaving Home2004
Paul BrillNew Pagan Love Song2004
MiniaturesComa Kid2004
Martha ReevesHome to You2004
KylerFlower Grows in Stone2004
Jack DonahueStrange Weather2004
GoddoKings of the Stoned Age2004
Fontaine ToupsT.F.T.2004
Don ByronIVEY DIVEY2004
Deb TalanA Bird Flies Out2004
Cheaper Than TherapyTerminal Adolescence2004
Charlotte KendrickLive At The Roger Smith2004
Atomic BrotherElected2004
Athletic Mic LeagueJungle Gym Jungle2004
Angelo BadalamentiA Very Long Engagement/Un long dimanche de fianceilles2004
AmberYou Move Me Remixes2004
AmberMy Kind Of World2006
VioletThe Last Cathedral2005
Various ArtistsHurricane Relief: Come Together Now2005
Trophy WivesRevenge Fantasies2005
The Jealous TypeFarewel to Open Arms2005
The Hard LessonsGasoline2005
The Fiery FurnacesRehearsing My Choir2005
The Doc MarshallsNo Kind of Life2005
Stephen SondheimSondheim Sings, Vol. 2: 1946-19602005
Stephen LynchThe Craig Machine2005
Spike PriggenStars After Stars After Stars2005
SoundtrackThe Frogs (Original Broadway Cast)2005
SoundtrackPacific Overtures (2004 Broadway Revival Cast)2005
SoundtrackLone Star Love2005
SoundtrackCaptain Louie2005
Red RoosterDose2005
Polarity 1Speechless2005
Philip ChaffinWarm Spring Night2005
Liza QuinMake Your Move2005
LevyRotten Love2005
Lene LovichShadows and Dust2005
KlaatuSun Set: 1973-1981 (Re-Issue)2005
Kite OperationsDandelion Day + (Bonus Tracks)2005
Kelly PolarLove Songs of the Hanging Gardens2005
Johnny LangSmokin'2005
Jeff HarnerDancing in the Dark2005
Jared TylerBlue Alleluia2005
Hartley GoldsteinSongs in the Key of Zoloft2005
Gerson KellyJunto a Mi2006
First TimeIT'S ON2005
Dub LDay Of The Mega Beast2005
Dog Fashion DiscoThe City Is Alive Tonight-Live in Baltimore2005
DioEvil or Divine (Special Edition DVD)2005
DioEvil Or Divine2005
Delia Gonzalez & Gavin RusDays of Mars2005
Clap Your Hands Say YeahClap Your Hands Say Yeah2005
Christhian ChristhianChristhian Christhian2005
Carolyn AlRoyGorgeous Enormous2006
Carlton Blount(From) A Man's Point of View2005
Bradford ReedThe Stars My Destination2005
Blood on the WallAwesomer2005
Black DiceBroken Ear2005
Angela McKenzie9 Nine2005
AmberVoodoo Remixes2006
Vinny BMusic Train2006
VeluxeWhat's Keeping You2006
Various ArtistsWed-Rock2006
Various ArtistsJule Styne in Hollywood2006
Various ArtistsGay Games VII Chicago 2006, Vol. 2: Let the Games Begin2006
TrolleyvoxThe Karaoke Meltdowns2006
ThorneThe Contessa's Party2006
The TrolleyvoxThe Karaoke Meltdown2006
The Tell AllsFeeding Frenzy2006
The ShimmersThe Way You Shine2006
The Fiery FurnacesBitter Tea2006
The Death of Jason BrodyThe Death of Jason Brody EP2006
Terrestrial TonesDead Drunk2006
Still NothingAnd So It Begins...2006
Stephen SondheimSweeney Todd (2005 Broadway Revival Cast)2006
Spike PriggenThere's No Sound in Flutes!2006
SoundtrackTrailer Park Boys: The Movie2006
SoundtrackSunday in the Park with George (2006 London Revival Cast)2006
SoundtrackJohnny Guitar: The Musical2006
SoundtrackGrey Gardens2006
Shawn EveretteAnswers2006
Roland BelmaresParty Groove: Blue Ball, Vol. 52006
Randy BettisParty Groove: Gaydays, Vol. 32006
Peter EldridgeDecorum2006
Paul BrillHarpooner2006
Open Til MidnightNow It's Lit2006
Monster TaxiMonster Taxi2006
ModusOnly the Sleeping Will Know2006
Maxwell RodriguezParty Groove: Pride 062006
Matthew FriedbergerWinter Women/Holy Ghost Language2006
Matt TurkWashington Arms2006
MahavatarFrom the Sun, The Rain, The Wind, The Soil2006
M-1Confidential (Clean) & Confidential (DualDisc)2006
Liv WarfieldEmbrace Me2006
KlaatuSir Army Suit (Re-Issue)2006
KlaatuEndangered Special (Re-Issue)2006
Jason LaroyA Beautiful Tomorrow2006
Hugh MartinHugh Sings Martin2006
Gatsby Gets the Green LightChoose Your Own Adventure2006
DJ Kimberly S.One Mighty Weekend, Vol. 12006
DJ Joe BermudezGay Games Chicago 20062006
Dead PrezM-1 Confidential2006
David KnappGlobal Groove: DJ David Knapp2006
Ayla BrownForward2006
Antonio Carlos JobimEm Mimas ao Vivo: Piano e Voz2006
AndrejackInside Out2006
AmbertJust Like That2007
Alice RipleyOuttasite2007
Warren HaynesThe Benefit Concert Vol. 22007
Various ArtistsThis Ordinary Thursday: The Songs of Georgia Stitt2007
Twisted SisterLive2007
TrolleyvoxYour Secret Safe/Luzerne2007
TragicSomething Out of Nothing2007
The SmithereensChristmas with the Smithereens2007
The Fiery FurnacesWidow City2007
The Eames EraHeroes + Sheroes2007
The Bad NewsThe Name Speaks Volumes2007
Takka TakkaWe Feel Safer at Night2007
SupaphatLose Myself2007
Standing NudesGhost Story2007
SoundtrackMagic Tree House2007
SoundtrackCompany (Cincinnati Playhouse Cast)2007
SoundtrackCompany (2006 Broadway Revivial Cast)2007
Shocking PinksShocking Pinks2007
ShirtsOnly the Dead Know Brooklyn2007
Sean CoxReturn To Me2007
Roland BelmaresParty Groove: One Mighty Weekend, Vol. 22007
Richard X. HeymanActual Sighs2007
Project Jenny, Project JanXOXOXOXOXO2007
Olukayode AkojenuArise Holy Spirit2007
Obscured by CloudsPsycheclectic2007
Note to SelfWhiteout2007
Monchy & AlexandraEn Vivo Desde Bellas Artest2007
Lion of IdoLion of Ido2007
LeamaFeel Me2007
Lauren KennedyHere and Now2007
KlaatuMagentalane (Re-Issue)2007
KjellThe Benevolent King2007
Kelly PolarI Need You to Hold On While the Sky is Falling2007
Jack DonahueA Small Blue Thing2007
Ivette DumengIntimate Sacrifice2007
IngaRiding the Wind2007
Ian BernardoGloria2007
First TimeTaking breaking down2007
Deja VudooScratching the Surface2007
David KnappGlobal Groove: Live2007
Dana ParishUncrushed2007
Clarice AssadLove, All That It Is2007
Charlotte KendrickNorth of New York2007
Carrie AshtonTruth Is2007
Bright EyesMotion Sickness: Live Recordings2007
Boy in the BubbleSongs from the City on the Sun2007
Black Label SocietyKings of Damnation2007
Black DiceLoad Blown2007
Avey TarePullhair Rubeye2007
Atomic BrotherSee Me Comin'2007
Andrew RyanSummer & Fall2007
Andrea BurnsA Deeper Shade of Red2007
An American ChinesePanic Pilgrim2007
Adult.Why Bother?2008
Willie NelsonRed Headed Stranger Vinyl Re-Issue2008
Weather ReportHeavy Weather Vinyl Re-Issue2008
We IntersectAlbum2008
WallacePlaying With Fire2008
Various ArtistsDark Was The Night (Red Hot Record Label)2008
Ursula 1000Mystics2008
Urban SonoraSiete Balas2008
Trio Of DoomTrio Of Doom Vinyl Re-Issue2008
Tim CollinsFade2008
The SmithereensLive in Concert! Greatest Hits and More2008
The OutlawsWANTED Vinyl Re-Issue2008
The Flying ChangePain Is A Reliable Feeling2008
The Fiery FurnacesRemember2008
The CapsulesLong Distant Dedication2008
Telepathic ButterfliesBreakfast in Suburbia2008
Steve VaiPassion And Warfare Vinyl Re-Issue2008
SoundtrackXanadu on Broadway2008
SoundtrackThe Marvelous Wonderettes2008
SoundtrackHappy Days (P.S. Classics)2008
SoundtrackAdding Machine: A Musical2008
SoundtrackA Catered Affair (Broadway Cast)2008
Social DistortionSocial Distortion Vinyl Re-Issue2008
Simply SaucerHalf Human, Half Live2008
School of Seven BellsAlpinisms2008
Sam CookeLive At Harlem Square Club Vinyl Re-Issue2008
RhinosIn Rhi-Fi2008
Rachel Bay JonesShowfolk2008
Phil SalisburyThe Amazing Drunken Man2008
Peter ToshLegalize It Vinyl Re-Issue2008
Nina SimoneRemixed & Reimagined Vinyl Re-Issue2008
Monchy & AlexandraEn Vivo Desde Bellas Artes [CD/DVD}2008
Megan ChaskySurrounded By Naam2008
Megan ChaskyGolden Ball of Naam2008
Maureen McGovernA Long and Winding Road2008
Mahavishnu OrchestraThe Inner Mounting Flame Vinyl Re-Issue2008
Lynne ArrialeNuances2008
Like a FoxWhere's My Golden Arm?2008
Kerry ButlerFaith, Trust and Pixie Dust2008
Joseph WebbBeautiful Fire2008
Judas PriestBritish Steel Vinyl Re-Issue2008
Johnny Cash16 Biggest Hits Vinyl Re-Issue2008
Joe SatrianiSurfing With The Alien Vinyl Re-Issue2008
Insane Clown PosseRiddle Box Vinyl Re-Issue2008
I Am Committing A SinEP2008
Herbie HancockHeadhunters Vinyl Re-Issue2009
Gang Gang DanceSaint Dymphna2008
G.W.C. RecordsThe Album2008
FlyingFaces of the Night2008
FinalReading All The Right Signals Wrong2008
Eric CopelandHermaphrodite2008
Eric CopelandAlien in a Garbage Dump2008
Elvis PresleyElvis Presley Vinyl Re-Issue2008
Electric SixxElectric Sixx2008
EchosuiteDisarmed EP2008
Earth, Wind, & FireGratitude Vinyl Re-Issue2008
Don VailDon Vail2008
Desperate UnionDesperate Union - EP2008
City and ColourBring Me Your Love2008
Chris RyanChris Ryan Blackout Money2008
Charles MingusAh Um Vinyl Re-Issue2008
Caravan Of ThievesBouqet2008
Brother JoscephusA Child Shall Lead Us2008
Bring Me Your LoveCity & Colour2008
Brian AgliraMediocre Joker2008
Blue Oyster CultAgents of Fortune Vinyl Re-Issue2008
Blood Sweat & TearsBlood Sweat & Tears Vinyl Re-Issue2008
Black DiceRepo2008
Billie HolidayRemized and Reimagined Vinyl Re-Issue2008
BambiBad news In A Party Dress2008
Atlantis LoungeVoyage (Tommy Boy Records)2008
Animal CollectiveWater Curses2008
Animal CollectiveMerriwether Post Pavillion2008
Angelo BadalamentiThe Edge of Love (Original Soundtrack)2008
Alfonzo BlackwellDance to This2008
Alexander MolininRussian Romances2008
Alex BuenoMensajes2008
Animal CollectiveFall Be Kind (EP)2009
Hot ChipOne Life Stand (4 Side LP)2009
The Flying ChangeLIVE2009
Black 47Bankers & Gansters2009
Dan SofaerNothing Ground Breaking2009
Darwin’s PoemsMass Of Time2009
Zodiac DustLoop 2.3.42009
YachtPsychic City/Waste if Time/Suicide2009
YachtSee Mystery Lights2009
Vertical HorizonBurning The Days2009
Trevor SadlerBrighter Shades2009
Toro Y MoiBlessa/1092009
The Very Best…The Very Best...2009
The Pepper PotsNow2009
The Juan MacleanHappy House2009
The Fiery FurnacesI'm Going Away2009
The Dying SecondsSome Grand Romantic Gesture2009
The Black CrowesWarpaint Live2009
Talk NormalSugarland2009
Still GoingSpaghetti Circus/Untitled Love2009
Stereo AligatorBlow Away2009
Stephanie J. BlockThis Place I Know2009
Small BlackSmall Black2009
Sick Sick BirdsHeavy Manners2009
Shugo JokumaruRum Hee2009
ShelinaVivir Sin Tu Amor2009
Seneca HawkSeneca Hawk2009
Russian CirclesGeneva2009
Ran CohenAlbum2009
Preston SwiftEP2009
Prayz1Seat Music2009
Pet Shop BoysDub Mixes2009
PalmsBowery Waters (EP)2009
Olivier RouquierFrench/English (Double Album)2009
ObitsI Blame You (Sub Pop Records)2009
Natalie ClevierDifferent2009
Mya DanielTestify2009
Morning SideMorning Side2009
MojaveCrows Funeral2009
MichoacanIn The Dark of the Nightcleaner2009
Michael DellederaMiek D - EP2009
Mayer HawhorneStrange Arrangement2009
Matt KeatingBetween Customers2009
Lancelot DrummondsTime and Space2009
Joel KorteStrange Red Afternoon2009
Joel KorteMelrose2009
Joel JohnsonJoel Johnson2009
Jenna TorresAlbum2009
Jeff BrettMoney of the Dead2009
Jeff AvalirPerpetual Destiny2009
James LevinoHBO Special Series: Kevorkian2009
Id Life CrisisFirst Confection2009
Hour BlockVarious2009
HeaddressNavaho White2009
Greg KoonsGreg Koons2009
Globes on RemoteThe Woo Hoo Hoo2009
Glass GhostIdol Omen2009
Film ScorePlayer Hating (Film Fatale Inc)2009
FiamaThey Say Falla2009
Federico AubeleAmatoria2009
Eric CopelandAlien in a Garbage Dump (Re-Issue)2009
Elmer Ferrer BandNo Guitars Allowed2009
Eliane IssacLe Moment Est Evnu2009
Ear PwrSuper Animal Brothers III2009
Dirty ProjectorsStillness Is The Move...2009
DeLamarcaLa Puta Life2009
DeerhunterRain Water Cassette Exchange (EP)2009
Dave MartinezEP2009
ClogsCreatures in the Garden of Lady Walton EP2009
CassisAnalog Love2009
Blk JksAfter Robots2009
Black Label SocietyThe Blessed Hell Ride (Re-Mastering)2009
Black Label SocietyStronger than Death (Re-Mastering)2009
Black Label SocietySonic Brew (Re-Mastering)2009
Black Label SocietySkullage (Re-Mastering)2009
Black Label SocietyPride and Glory (Re-Mastering)2009
Black Label SocietyMafia (Re-Mastering)2009
Black Label SocietyKings of Damnation (Re-Mastering)2009
Black Label SocietyHangover Music Vol. 6 (Re-Mastering)2009
Black Label SocietyBook of Shadows (Re-Mastering)2009
Black Label SocietyAlcohol Fueled by Brutality Live (Re-Mastering)2009
Black Label Society1919 Eternal (Re-Mastering)2009
Bermuda BonnieBermuda Bonnie2009
Benjy FerreeCome Back to the Five and Dime Bobby Dee Bobby Dee2009
Bat For LashesJunketboy2009
Auther and YuAuther and Yu2009
Anders ParkerSky Skrapper/Crow (Double Album)2009
Amanda ZelinaAmanda Zelina2009
Adrian QuesadaEl Mas Completo2009
Adam MattaGyroscope2009
A Place to Bury StrangersA Place to Bury Strangers2009
Boy In The BubbleThe King2010
Naked HeartsMass Hysteria2010
Koko DozoFeel The Zuzz2010
Polar LevinePolarity One2010
Lily DaleHBO2010
Molly RankinMolly Rankin EP2010
Blame The PatientBlame The Patient2010
YachtAfterlife Remixes2010
Earl StevensonEarl Stevenson2010
Tony CastlesNo Service (So Nervous)2010
Small BlackSmall Black EP2010
Boxer The HorseBoxer The Horse2010
Hard NipsHard Nips2010
Michael MontesCollection of Film Scores2010
An HorseRearranged Beds2010
NinjasonikArt School Girls2010
Mr. DreamNo Girls Allowed2010
Sebastian BlanckAlibi Coast2010
Acid WesternsAcid Westerns2010
Dean & Britta13 Most Beautiful Songs for Andy Warhol's Screen Tests2010
Gray GoodsGray Goods EP2010
Free EnergyB Sides2010
TranslationsCity Kid2010
Kings DestroyKings Destroy EP2010
Globes On RemoteGlobes On Remote EP2010
James Lavino/Youtube Symphony OrchestraHarmony2010
Anthony FureyI've Been Here Before2010
MobyWait For Me. Remixes! (Chill Out Mix)2010
MobyWait For Me. Remixes! (Megamix)2010
Kelli ScarrPiece2010
The EnablersEverest2010
City & ColourBring Me Your Love - 4 SIDE LP2010
The Paper PlanetsThe Paper Planets EP2010
Tyburn SaintsFor The Benefit Of Strangers2010
The Soundtrack of Our LivesLive at Lime with The Soundtrack of Our Lives2010
Sinead O’Connor ft. Mary J. Blige and Martha B.This Is To Mother You2010
Curtis Schmidt and the DilenttantesTales of a Traveler2010
Glow MarrowBroadheart2010
Sondre LercheSondre Lerche2010
Holy GhostI Know I Hear2010
Comedy CentralEverybody's Talking 'Bout Sully2010
The Brian Boggess GroupWalking Unknown ...2010
The Crystal ArkThe City Never Sleeps2010
Amber RubarthLost Manhattan Boulevard2010
ObitsMoody, Standard and Poor2010
Cabin DogsMidnight Cabin2010
YISKingdom of Fuzz2010
Favourite SonsThe Great Deal Of Love2010
Seeking InfinityEternal2010
Mike ErricoWander Away2010
Cloud NothingsCloud Nothings2010
G.R.A.S.S.Grass On Fire2010
hellogoodbyeWould It Kill You?2010
Doug AitkenSleepwalkers2010
The NationalHigh Violet (Expanded Edition)2010
Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3Northern Aggression2010
Shad ft. Dallas GreenLive Forever and Listen2010
Dirty ProjectorsLive at Other Music2010
Andrew MancillaStatic2010
The Great NostalgicHope We Live Like We Promised2010
Holy GhostStatic on the Wire (RAC Remix)2010
TrickyMixed race (Vinyl)2010
Jack DonahueLive At Birdland2010
You Me, & Everyone We KnowSome Things Don't Wash Out2010
Lia IcesGrown Unknown2010
Gringo StarCount Yer Lucky Stars2010
ChromeoMama's Boy2010
VerismoFailure EP2010
Small BlackNew Chain2010
Ursula 1000Fuzz EP2010
Dirty ProjectorsBitte Orca (Expanded Edition)2010
The Fancy ShapesFun City2010
Peter LitvinLove Spectacle2010
Louis CatoTabreeca2010
Panda BearYou Can Count On Me2010
Denis LearyBless Me Father and Douchbag2010
Doug PaisleyConstant Companion2010
Avey TareDown There2010
DeerhunterHalcyon Digest2010
So So GlosSo So Glos2010
Paramount StylesHeaven's Alright2010
Paul SigismondiNo Love For Wet Bridges2010
YACHTUtopia and Dystopia2010
Kelli ScarrPiece2010
Nicholas WellsSomething To Believe In2010
Dirty Projectors & BjorkMount Wittenberg Orca2010
GrandchildrenCold Warrior2010
Peter Gordon and TLOL OrchestraSelected Works2010
Cloud NothingsTurning On2010
The KnocksMake It Better2010
Bryan ZimmermanCorpse of Discovery2010
Michael VialBurning The Boats2010
Banjo or FreakoutBanjo or Freakout2010
Alex WinstonChoice Notes and Medicine2010
ReKaSteDreams Out of Our Ears2010
Tiffini DavisToo Much2010
The PassengersThe Passengers EP2010
Red Panda12:342010
A-TrackDirty South Dance 22010
Paul AkikiSexation2010
Holy GhostStatic On The Wire EP2010
Dirty ProjectorsI Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine2010
Jay WudNew Blood2010
Panda BearTomboy (Vinyl)2010
Endless BoogieFull House Head2010
The Broadway BoysLullaby Of Broadway2010
Dog and PantherWhat Happened2010
Ocean CarolinaLeave On2010
Craig SmithHeavy Early2010
Denis LearyFuck You2010
The CoppertoneThe Coppertone2010
Laurel ChartowKing Felix2010
Tiffany ChalleSweet Melody2010
Elaine RomanelliReal Deal2010
Christie Front DriveStereo LP (Vinyl)2010
VersusOn The Ones and Threes (CD and Vinyl)2010
The Holy GhostAncient Country Wisdom2010
VainShow Off2010
Defeated SanityChapters of Repugnance (Vinyl)2010
Free EnergyStuck On Nothing (Vinyl)2010
DJ George LeongLove To Love You Baby2010
Toro Y MoiJune 20092011
KP DevlinKnowledge & Power2011
Caught ShipTime Will Tell2011
Young MagicCPK1-700722011
Big LakeDo You Love Me? Yes/No2011
Mike CykoskiCykosk2011
Paul BrillBreezy2011
Ben Wesley Winderthink/thoughts2011
Don Byron New Gospel QuintetLove, Peace and Soul2011
School Of Seven BellsGhostory2011
My Best FiendIn Ghostlike Fading2011
Sharon Van EttenTramp2011
FRANKHere Together2011
Steve MackeyLonely Motel: Music From Slide2011
Dan DeaconSpiderman of the Rings2011
Noah WallHeloise2011
Cloud NothingsAttack On Memory2011
Scott RyanMercy Killings2011
Deborah BergNo Rush2011
Atlas SoundParallax2011
Hard NipsSink Ships2011
Julia HolterEkstasis LP2011
Sun Araw & M.Geddes Meet The CongosIcon Give Thank2011
FanfarloRooms Filled With Light2011
Hiss Golden MessengerPoor Moon2011
The Big SleepBack Where You Belong2011
Andrew GabrielFrom Print To Script2011
Keith WardTake It From Me2011
Russian CirclesEmpros2011
C.C.Portraits From Vellae2011
Parachuting ApostlesParachuting Apostles2011
Face Of ManFace Of Man2011
La GalaxieMidnight Midnight2011
Psychic BabbleMy Brother's Ears/My Sister's Eyes2011
Ursula 1000Mondo Beyondo2011
The Creepy CrawliesGet Buried!2011
The Sam LamontBandPromenade2011
JoakimLP IV2011
Keith CooperUtopia's Expatriate2011
Eleanor FriedbergerLast Summer2011
Ape MachineWar To Head2011
DomFamily Of Love2011
Aeroplane PaegantFloat Above The Yard2011
Aviation OrangeEast of Here EP2011
VariousRed Hot & Rio 22011
Rafiq BhatiaYes It Will2011
The Veda RaysYes It WillGamma Rays, Galaxy Rays, Veda Rays2011
Washed OutWithin And Without2011
RubblebucketOmega La La2011
ReptarOblangle Fizz Y'all2011
James LavinoTent City USA2011
The Liza Colby SoundHigh Yellow2011
Ear PwrEar Pwr2011
Karen SavocaPromise2011
Andrew VladeckPassing Knowledge2011
She Keeps BeesDig On2011
The ShiversMore2011
Youth LagoonWondrous Bughouse2012
Eleanor FriedbergerPersonal Record2012
Beach FossilsClash The Truth2012
The Baptist GeneralsJackleg Devotional to the Heart2012
Andrew WyattDescender2012
Young ManBeyond Was All Around Me2012
Unknown Mortal OrchestraII2012
Local NativesHummingbird2012
No Regular PlayEndangered Species2012
Circa SurviveViolent Waves2012
Toro Y MoiiAnything In Return2012
teenin limbo2012
Dog BiteVelvet Changes2012
BlondsThe Bad Ones2012
Animal Collective HzCentipede2012
Wild NothingNocturne2012
Ian HunterWhen I'm President2012
ReptarBody Faucet2012
Kishi Bashi151a2012
PelicanForever Becoming2013
Tei ShiSaudade2013
Red Hot OrganizationRed Hot + FELA2013
U.S. RoyaltyBlue Sunshin2013
Hue BlanesSad Songs Make Me Happy2013
Waking LightsWeek Nights2013
Richie BarshaySanctuary2013
John Steel SingersEverything's A Thread2013
Ben ArsenaultGrand Forks Ep2013
Bear LanguageRememory2013
Josh NetskyDown and Under2013
Pay LePoidevinAmerican Fiction2013
ObitsBed & Bugs2013
Up The ChainSeeds And Thorns2013
All Boy All GirlTiny Iglesia2013
Wesley StaceSelf-Titled2013
Cass McCombsBig Wheel And Others2013
Fancy ReaganFancy Reagan2013
Washed OutParacosm2013
Heavy BirdsDrag2013
HeathmanAll of These Pieces2013
Tim NeufeldTREES2013
Dent MayWarm Blanket2013
Eric ConnDriven 2.02013
Dwight Howard JohnsonSure Do2013
Daniel WohlCorps Exquis2013
Chris MorrisseyNorth Hero2013
Jessi TeichTwisted Soul2013
Ice EaterDon't Care2013
Wild NothingEmpty Estate2013
No JoyWait To Pleasure2013
Porcelain RaftPermanent Signal2013
Ape MachineREV2013
Dog & PantherOur Bodies2013
Black Horse MotelRed Summer Spirit2013
Kronos QuartetAheym2013
ADULT.The Way Things Fall2013
Kite OperationsThe Metal Library2013
Matthew HornellHave It All2013
Wise Bloodid2013
Mortar and PestleMortar and Pestle2013
Ward WhiteBob2013
Will StrattonGray Lodge Wisdom2013
Janine TonerJanine Toner2013
Intergalactic LoversLittle Heavy Burdens2013
Principles of GeometryMeanstream2013
Wye OakShriek2013
Avey Tare’s Slasher FlicksEnter The Slasherhouse2013
Future Of WhatPro Dreams2013
Dan PetersEverything Is Calmer Underwater2013
F.A.G. Diarrhea CultInternecine Dream2013
Anders ParkerThere's A Bluebird In My Heart2013
Los Coming SoonWe Are Friends2013
KP DevlinViolescent2013
The RevereBehold, the Seal Itself!2013
Speedy OrtizReal Hair2013
For WilsonFriend EP2013
Jake ClemonsEmbracing Light EP2013
Raphael ParpexMake It Work2013
The Valery TrailsBuffalo Speedway2013
KuatoThe Great Upheaval2013
New MadridSunswimmer2013
Ruby The RabbitfootNew As Dew2013
Andrew KeoghanEvery Orchid Offering2013
Maximo ParkToo Much Information2013
Bigtree BonsaiAwoken2013
Christopher TignorThunder Lay Down In The Heart2013
Ula RuthRestless Nights2013
Tanner WalleBodega EP2013
MilagresViolent Light2013
Dog BiteTranquilizers2013
Natalie YorkPromises2013
Com TruiseWave 12013
The DigYou & I2013
The DogsGiggle2013
My Darling FuryLicking Wounds2013
Parlor HawkParlor Hawk2013
Nick HakimWhere Will We Go2013
Lost In The TreesPast Life2013
The KnellsThe Knells2013
Soft As SnowGlass Body2013
Russian CirclesMemorial2013
The CruxThe Ratcatcher2013
Thievery CorporationSaudade2013
Blind HorsesSlowness2013
Mas YsaWorth2013
HalfnoiseVolcano Crowe2014
Sondre LerchePlease2014
Young StatuesThe Flatlands Are Your Friend2014
AltasEpoca De Bestias2014
Jesse MarchantJesse Marchant2014
Lindsey StirlingShatter Me2014
MonomythSaturnalia Regalia!2014
MesikoSolar Door2014
Camper Van BeethovenEl Camino Real2014
Hiss Golden MessengerSouthern Grammar EP2014
Shabazz PalacesLese Majesty2014
Andrew GabrielNo Time For Compromise
CurtinOne For The Doghearted2014
Slow HandsEverything (We Are) EP2014
Catherine MaclellanThe Raven's Sun2014
SaskwatchNose Dive2014
VariousRed Hot + Arthur Russell2014
The AntlersFamiliars2014
Jeremy Mage & The MagiJeremy Mage & The Magi2014
Will SchultzDear Enemy2014
VariousRed Hot + Bach2014
Army NavyThe Wilderness Inside2014
Sharon Van EttenAre We There2014
Mock SunsSantander/All That I Knew2014
The CapsulesThe Long Goodbye2014
Stone Cold FoxMemory Palace2014
Young PlanetNew Fast Automatic2014
Reptile Youth"Rivers That Run For A Sea That Is Gone"2014
Young MagicBreathing Statues2014