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News | Posted On: 05.29.15

Here at JLM, we’ve been pleased to see new clients from all over the world chalk up big successes:

Just a couple of weeks ago, the indie rock band Intergalactic Lovers were awarded a Gold record in their native Belgium for Little Heavy Burdens, a full-length mastered by Joe. The record even won them an audience with the King and Queen of Belgium!

Meanwhile, here in the US, Lindsey Stirling just won Top Dance/Electronic Album at the Billboard Music Awards for Shatter Me, also mastered by Joe. The album debuted at the #2 slot in the Billboard Top 200 charts, and peaked at #1 in the Billboard Dance/Electronic charts. It has sold more than 150,000 copies to date — no small feat in the streaming era!

Critically-acclaimed Norwegian singer-songwriter (and longtime friend of the studio) Sondre Lerche, is also out with a new EP of remixes called Despite the Night—hot on the heels of last year’s full-length Please. It’s only been out a couple of weeks, but has been getting a lot of buzz, both here and abroad.

And just two days ago, Canadian psych-pop act Grounders, just sat down for an interview with Baebel Music, who call their new release “gorgeous, complex, and multi-layered.” Check out their equally gorgeous animated music video embedded at the end of this post. (Naturally, mastered at JLM!)

Another new feature of the site is the recurring “Mixing Advice from Your Mastering Engineer” column by staff engineer Justin Colletti. Check out the second installment on “Mindful Treble Boosts.” It’s been getting a lot of shares and nodding heads online.

And now, as promised, a new video from Canadian indie psych-pop act Grounders:

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